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Our main areas of focus are:

Precious Metals

alernative text Our vast supply network allows us to source product from all mineral rich locations around the globe. Developing our own assets is integral to our role as a trusted supplier, yet we are always open to additional supply sources that meet our purchasing criteria. We actively work with registered market makers on the London Metals Exchange to exit our positions.

Base Metals

alernative textWe are supply partners with some of the world’s pre-eminent producers of base metals. Our current supply focus includes copper, iron ore, scrap metal and titanium, yet we have the relationships to source additional products, per our clients’ needs.
Our client base ranges from large scale traders, to end users of raw and refined products.

Upstream Oil and Gas

alernative textAt the current time, we are involved in oil and gas Exploration and Development in Central America, Africa and the Gulf Coast of the United States. We are active in our search for more exploration and production assets in the near future to increase our portfolio and reach.

Refined Fuels

alernative textWe currently source and market, jet fuel, bunker fuel and various other fuel and gas oils. As market conditions fluctuate, supply and demand of refined fuels dictates our clients’ needs. We are in an advantageous position to call some of the largest Refined Fuels Producers our strategic supply partners, thus effectively serving our clients through all market conditions.

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